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7 Days Western Mediterranean Cruise 26 May 2012

7 Days Western Mediterranean Cruise 26 May 2012

7 Days Western Mediterranean Medley – Cities, sights and sensational scenery…

A western Mediterranean cruise in Europe is what a lot of people would love to experience. You will be able to dive into the romantic and interesting countries of France, Spain, Italy. You can find yourself traveling to many famous landmarks and cities located among the coastal areas of the continent of Europe. Your ship’s itinerary might mean that it will dock at various locations such as Cannes, Barcelona, Livorno, Palma and Ajaccio.

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7 Days From: £473 Spain, France & Italy » Palma, Ajaccio, Livorno, Cannes, Toulon, Barcelona >>>Itinerary<<< >>>Booking<<<

7 Days Aegean Cruise 21 May & 4 Jun 2012

Aegean Cruise Istanbul View

Ancient Wonders – 7 Days Aegean Cruise

The Aegean Sea, located between the land masses of Turkey and Greece, is remarkable for its large number of islands. Santorini, Patmos, Mykonos, Naxos, Rhodes and Crete are just a few.
Cultures, history and beauty blend as you discover the shores of Izmir, Kusadasi, Bodrum, and cruise the islands of the Aegean. Aegean Cruises carve memories for a lifetime from this paradise corner of the world where visitors return time and time again.

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7 Days From: £423 TURKEY & GREECE » Marmaris, Istanbul, Mytilene, Kusadasi, Athens, Mykonos Town, Marmaris >>>Itinerary<<< >>>Booking<<<

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Last Minute Cruise Deals

Last Minute Cruises

Sometimes it’s fun to throw caution to the wind and just pack your bags and get away. Last Minute Cruises makes it possible to get first rate accommodations and pay second rate prices. That’s if you can do things their way. But their way is really easy and can save you a lot of money. To be able to get a last minute cruise deal will always require a little more work. We have done that work for you…

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Dependingon the cruise Dependingon the cruise Depending on the cruise:Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington,SYDNEY, BRISBANE,Southampton, England, Hamburg, Germany etc. >>>ViewCruises<<<

7 Night Caribbean Cruise

There’s much more to this region stretching from South Florida to South America than sun, sand and surf. No other destination presents so many choices of cruise itineraries and lengths, with anything from a two-night getaway to an extended voyage sailing from ports from New York to Central America. In fact, it is so vast and diverse that it really constitutes three separate areas, traditionally defined as Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean and Southern Caribbean.

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7 Days From: €599 To: 1899 Fort Lauderdale,Princess Cays,At Sea,Curacao Aruba,At Sea,At sea, Fort Lauderdale


Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean CruiseIf you want to take a relaxing vacation where you are totally pamper, you may want to go on a cruise. The best and most sought after vacation spot for a cruise is that of a Caribbean cruise. If this sounds like something you want to do, then discover the best Caribbean cruise lines available. If you are unsure of which Caribbean cruise lines to choose from, then please read on to learn about one of the best. Book now and save more.

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Dependingon the cruise Dependingon the cruise Depending on the cruise


7 Night Alaska Cruise

All Alaska Luxury Cruises take place between the months of May and September. However, if you can avoid the months of July and August as these are the most popular months of all for fellow travelers to book their cruises. When it comes, to which cruise to take two are available. However, long you wish to be on the cruise for will depend just which one you select. The shortest one lasts for seven days…

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 7 Days From:$549 To: $1149 Alaska » Vancouver – British Columbia,cy Strait Point – Alaska,Hubbard Glacier (cruising),Juneau – Alaska,Ketchikan – Alaska,Inside Passage (cruising),Vancouver – British Columbia


Road To The Birthplace of Democracy, Athens, Plus 7 Day Greek Island Cruise

Greek Island Cruise

Take your time exploring some of Europe’s best cities, with a chance to relax on island time too. Sound amazing? That’s exactly what this tour plus cruising is all about. Paris, Austrian Tyrol, Venice, Florence & Rome with a little bit of Switzerland & Germany thrown in for good measure. Chill on Corfu before heading to the birthplace of democracy, Athens. Then go cruising, Greek Isle-style and visit 5 of Greece’s best islands.

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